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Welcome to Tarmal Glass

Tarmal Glass House is a family run business that's been operating in Mumbai since 1982. Originally founded as Asiad Glass Traders, the company started as a glass & mirror retailer. By 1990's the business hadexpandedcatering to the requirements of high end interior designers and architects. It was later rebranded as Tarmal Glass House as the new generation of ownership took over. The company has over the years grown and developed into a successful business that we are today.

We cater to our clients need for Architectural Glass and Interior Decorative Glass requirements, along with providing solutions and consultancy for glass installations. Our experienced staff works closely with customers or site contractors to ensure all work is carried out to the highest standards

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Our Products

Lacquered Glass

Lacquered Glass or Back painted glass is any form of clear glass that is painted from the back side and ...

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Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is another form of “safety glass” that consists of two or more layers of glass held together by an...

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Annealed Glass

The annealing of “float” (non-treated) glass is a process that involves slowly cooling hot glass objects...

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Clear Mirrors are manufactured by a silvering process on one side of any clear glass. Mirrors are no...

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Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is one form of “safety glass”. The original glass is treated thermally to increase its strength ...

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Insulated Glass

nsulated glass consists of two or three glass window panes separated by a spacer bar to reduce sound and..

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Decorative Glass

here’s a trend in both residential and commercial buildings to include decorative art glass in place...

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